Whittlebury Housing

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Whittlebury Housing
Private developer

Our proposal for five family houses aims to achieve an exemplary level of sustainability, both in terms of embodied energy and energy in use. The site is part of an 8 hectare estate, located within the village confines beyond Whittlebury High Street, and is currently occupied by a single house and stable block. The open space directly behind the existing house was formerly part of the hunting ground associated with the manor house, demolished in the 1970’s. A lawn to the north of the site slopes gently down to a heavily wooded area around a lake.

The houses are arranged in an L-shape to create a welcoming courtyard around a new tree. Stone used in the construction of the current house had been salvaged from the demolishion of the manor house. This stone will be incorporated into the construction of garden walls and paving within the proposed development. A combination of local stone and timber cladding will be used for the new houses.

View of the shared courtyard