Westlegate Tower Norwich

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Westlegate Tower Norwich
Private developer

Our proposals for the rejuvenation of an important part of the historic city centre in Norwich was focussed around the reinvention of Westlegate Tower, which was a prominent and very dated office block built in the 60’s. We proposed a series of infill buildings to provide a coherent streetscape at the foot of the tower and a complete re-cladding of the tower to improve its thermal performance and appearance. The deep floor plates were suitable for conversion into apartments and penthouse apartments were proposed in two new storeys, providing a well articulated top to the building.

A new building fronting Timber Hill helps to reinstate a strong street edge and define a small public space at the foot of the tower. Enhanced pedestrian routes and active street frontages should help integrate the tower with its surroundings.

New stair and lifts added to the north elevation

Photos of the existing tower.