Rural Housing Alconbury Weston

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Rural Housing Alconbury Weston
Planning Received
Alconbury Weston

This pair of low energy, high quality, modern houses near Alconbury Weston, a small village to the North West of Huntingdonshire, draw inspiration from agricultural structures, the rural landscape and the immediate wooded context.

Alconbury Weston is located 5 miles north-west of Huntingdon and has a population of around 800 people. The site is surrounded by open countryside to the north and south. To the west is an adjacent site which has approval for 5 small dwellings and to the east a band mature existing trees along the boundary separates the site from the adjacent property.

A muted pallet of buff brick, pre-weathered timber and grey standing seam metal will help embed the buildings into the landscape.

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