Reigate Grammar School

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Reigate Grammar School
Reigate Grammar School
In planning
Reigate, Surrey
3000 sqm

Reigate Grammar School’s existing facilities do not provide sufficient space for the school’s 1000 pupils and is restricting the school’s ability to implement their commitment to a healthy, sports curriculum.


The school’s aspiration is to create a new, high quality sports complex comprising a sports centre and supporting playing fields. The new facility will be sited in the south east corner of the site, which allows safe pupil and community access whilst maintaining as much open space as possible. In this way, the school seeks to not only improve its own amenities, but provide sports facilities to the wider community.

The building has been conceived as two simple blocks; a sports hall and an ancillary building. These are connected by a wide circulation route that doubles as access to the sports hall and on the first floor as viewing gallery and additional sports space, such as running track.

Existing site plan

Proposed site plan


Throughout the scheme, the design team has implemented measures to uphold the school’s commitment to creating a sustainable building for both embodied and in-use energy. Features such as natural ventilation, sustainable drainage, renewable energy, thermal insulation and water collection work collectively to reduce the energy demands of the building.

Section 2 NEW
Section 1 NEW

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Roof plan