Railway Stations

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Railway Stations

We were asked to support a franchise bid looking at resolving issues at Lewisham, Bromley and Brixton stations and designing a modular station. The interventions varied from changes to landscape to major reorganisation of station platforms and entrance sequence.



At Lewisham Station OW Architects proposed a new station concourse that created a space which connected complex inter-connecting lines. This formed a generous new public ticket hall with ample retail space and as a result also allowed for level access throughout. The design future-proofed the station for the forthcoming extension of the Bakerloo Line and also included a new, prefabricated roof that could lifted in over weekends minimising disruption to the station and train services.

To address South Bromley station’s overcrowding problems at the entrance and onto the main road, our proposals were to create a new entrance and exit at the other end of the station, relieving congestion and providing a new link to a car park. The design used a prefabricated station design that could be placed on the station grounds with no need for rail track possessions. It also reused existing lifts and bridge and with the installation of one new lift on the extension, created universal access.

Our design for Brixton station addressed problems with fare evasion and overcrowding. The proposals were to install a new stair and ticket barrier on the London bound side.


OW Architects also designed a prefabricated, modular station with several component parts that could be assembled in different combinations at different stations. The elements were designed to fit on the back of a lorry for transportation and the cladding panels could be changed depending on the location and brief for the particular setting.