Concrete House Freckenham

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Concrete House Freckenham
Freckenham, Suffolk

This project for a private house is for the inventor of cement-free concrete on a site in the Suffolk village of Freckenham. The house is set in beautiful grounds next to a dell created by medieval excavation. The family have a vision of building a ‘whole-life’ house that has lower embodied energy than any other private home hitherto built using concrete. It will be designed to minimise in-use energy and be a house for multi-generational family living.

View01_ConcreteHouse_Dematerial_ Final
View across the garden looking north

All of the structure and the majority of internal and external finishes will be in concrete – both in-situ and precast. A reduced pallet of hardwood and bronze will sit alongside the textured concrete finishes.

View from the first floor landing