Cheddars Lane

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Cheddars Lane
Under Construction

This new commercial development for c. 25,000 sqft of lab and office space on Cheddars Lane will replace a cluster of industrial sheds on a brownfield site off Newmarket Road in Cambridge.  The project provides a new dignified three-storey frontage to Cheddars Lane and has the potential to act as a catalyst for the future regeneration of several similar sites between Newmarket Road and the river.

Proposed Development

Current View

Aerial View

Today Cambridge is known for its university, historic buildings and more recently the emergence of technology and bio-medical industries. Largely forgotten is Cambridge’s 19th-century industrial heritage which was located either side of Newmarket Road, extending from the river to the railway line. 

The Cambridge Pumping Station, preserved as the Cambridge Museum of Technology is a reminder of the industries that formed a key part of the City. Located at the end of Cheddars Lane, adjacent to the River Cam, the pumping station was once part of a wider industrial area that included the a tile works, iron works, brick works, sewage pumping station and gas works.  

The etymology of the name ‘Cheddars Lane’ is derived from the large quantities of cheese sold at Stourbridge Fair in Georgian times, which was located in this area along what is today Newmarket Road. Other local street names such as Garlic Row and Cheese Row are a consequence of this association.