Magdalene College Student Housing

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Magdalene College Student Housing
Magdalene College

We were commissioned by Magdalene College to develop a scheme to convert the Bonded Warehouse, located on the River Cam, into student residential accommodation.  Working within the constraints of the existing building and the conservation area we created 32 ensuite rooms together with common kitchens.

The ground floor was given over to ancillary space, including bicycle storage and a generous entrance space.

The College purchased the building in 1980’s when it was briefly operated as a glass-making factory and showroom by Langham Glass, before being converted into a gym, spa and restaurant facility around 1999.

The building is oriented perpendicularly to the river, with its west façade directly facing the river. The north and east façades look onto Thomson’s Lane. The area is home to a wide variety of uses, housed within buildings ranging from 16th to 20th Centuries.

First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

The Bonded warehouse building functioned as a depository and was constructed in the late 19th century, in what was then an industrial area. The structure, whilst not listed, is of historical importance, as it is one of the few remaining buildings of the industrial era in the area.

Sections of the existing building

Punts and Quayside, 1964, with Bonded Warehouse highlighted

Quayside from Magdalene Bridge, 1910, with Bonded Warehouse highlighted

Cambridge 1888

Cambridge 1929

Bedroom plan